Wintertime fleas – myths and realities

Fleas are one of the worst nightmares for all pet owners. They always find their way into the house and also on our pets even with all the flea resistant measures. Pet owners should constantly be alert to avoid flea infestation in their homes. There has been a myth floating around stating that fleas die or hibernate during winter time. Believing this concept, pet owners let their guard down and the fleas take advantage of it.

It is true that fleas cannot survive in the cold weather. So, the survival instinct of the flea makes them migrate to warmer places. It moves into a house where it is quite warm all the time. They even attach themselves to pet and also multiplies. Since you are not expecting any fleas during winter, you will be completely surprised when you find them crawling all over your house.

In order to avoid such circumstances, do not stop flea control all around the year. Keep vacuuming the house all the time to avoid the spreading of fleas. You must vacuum the house once ever three days to avoid the eggs from hatching. Clean the vacuum dust bag as soon as you are done with your vacuuming to avoid it from hatching inside the vacuum cleaner. Wash the toys and other things used by the dog with steaming hot water to kill any flea eggs present in them. Give proper bath for your dog with good flea shampoos. Brush your dog everyday with a flea comb to get rid of the fleas that are found on your dog.

If you find any live fleas crawling around the house, then mix detergent with water to make a concentrated mixture. Pour the mixture on a sprayer and spray it on the fleas. The fleas will be killed immediately. Similarly spray the mixture all over the house to kill the live fleas found. Clean the surface sprayed immediately by wiping it with a cloth. Next time when someone advises you to stop flea control, explain the consequences to them. Flea infestation is more prone during winters as they are looking for warm places to migrate to.